Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Monitor Camera hybrids made from grids of lenses mixed with light emitters

I've read recently of flat lenses made from a grid of extemely small lenses.
Here's the link: .
Stanford electronics researchers, lead by electrical engineering Professor Abbas El Gamal, are developing such a camera, built around their "multi-aperture image sensor." They've shrunk the pixels on the sensor to 0.7 microns, several times smaller than pixels in standard digital cameras. They've grouped the pixels in arrays of 256 pixels each, and they're preparing to place a tiny lens atop each array.

It would seem that if you can make an imaging system from a grid of lenses, then you ought to be able to make a grid that has lenses interspersed with normal light emitting elements like LEDs , and thus end up with a monitor that is also a camera.

This would be good for teleconferencing systems in that it would enable you to look directly at someone's eyes in their image on the monitor and your image on their monitor would look like they were looking right at them.

If the lens grid is a 3D imaging system such as the one discussed at the linked article, all the better.

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