Sunday, November 16, 2008

Starting another blog, sigh

I'm starting yet another blog, this time because of the way Google thinks you should only have one account, and won't let you be logged in to one email account in one tab while writing a blog associated with a different Google email address in another tab.

I want one Gmail account for my family and my bills, the important stuff, that I'd like to get minimal spam in, and one for signing up with social networks, virtual worlds, software betas, etc. I know that Google thinks this is not necessary, but Google and me don't see eye to eye on this matter.

Now that I've created this new blog and am writing this first post, the Blogger WYSIWYG post editor is lagging way behind my typing, making typing torturous.

I have a feeling that Flock, the social web browser, also can't quite grasp the concept of having two Gmail accounts. I can use Zenbe to access my family and bills Gmail acount in one tab, and have my other "internet junk" Gmail account open in another tab, and this blog, which is associated with the "internet junk" gmail account, open in another tab, without disturbing Google or Flock.

The typing lag in this Blogspot post editor is intolerable, and the autosave is very annoying; perhaps I can find a way to change that, so I'm going to end this post, and I apologize for how boring this first post is, but that's life. Can't all be winners.

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