Saturday, November 28, 2009

Refugee - "Gatecrasher / Ritt Mickley" - Patrick Moraz on keyboards

I had this record back when records were actually records. Listened to through Dynaco speakers and a Scott receiver. Probably a Garrard Turntable and an ADC cartridge.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Firefox Showcase Add-on - part two

I did in fact install the Firefox Showcase add-on as reported in the preceding blog post, and have any managed to remember that I intended to write something about it after having it installed, that being, I suppose, the time when one should generally write about software, after having it installed, although there are plenty of stories and articles and such written about things that not only haven't been installed and tested but which aren't yet available, or in many cases don't even exist.

Showcase does have the function that I want, to search for text in existing open tabs, so that you don't have to remember and hunt for something that you are think you have open already, or do as I tend to do and give up on finding the alread open tab and open a new tab and search for the desired content with Google.

Showcase also has a whole bunch of fancy features that I don't particulary want or need. Showcase will give you thumbnails of open tabs. I tend to have a lot tabs open, say, 20 to 80 tabs open in a window. The thumbnail default size is such that I can't read the text. There are means for setting and adjusting the thumbnail size, but I don't really want to have to learn a bunch of new controls and so on for adjusting the size of things that I will spend as little time on as tab thumbnails. Bad enough that I have to adjust the values of page zoom and text zoom so frequently when viewing the regular web pages. I don't want to read thumbnails anyway; I just want to find tabs by searching for text.

If I keep this extension, which I probably won't, I'd tend to want to use it in the Open in New Tab mode, but there's a problem with that; when you close that tab, you don't go back to the tab you were on when you invoked Showcase. That may be because I'm using both Tab Kit and Last Tab. Firefox extensions don't all work together well. Specifically, Showcase wants to do things to the tab controls at the left and right of the tab bar, but Last Tab also wants to modify that area's behavior, and since I've tried Tab Kit, I've been using 4 rows of tabs and not having the normal left and right tab selecting controls, so these three add-ons don't blend together in a harmonious way.

Well, I've lost the desire to write more about the Firefox Showcase extension; I will leave it installed for a while and perhaps write more about it after using it a bit longer, although the probability of remembering that I intended to do that is rather small. If you want a flashy way to look at tabs, and perhaps want to be able to search for text in open tabs, you might want to give it a try; if so you can find it at .

Firefox Showcase Add-on

I haven't been posting a great deal, for a number of reasons, one of which might be the feeling that I should post something of note, or possessing literary merit, or containing the solution to peace in the middle east, or something of that sort.

I will now attempt to set my standards a bit lower, and post about trying the Firefox Showcase add-on.

I haven't actually tried it yet, I've just installed it, and I have to restart Firefox in order to actually test it out.

I tend to have a lot of tabs open; a whole lot. So many, in fact, that I need to be able to search through all my open tabs. I guess I'd like to include the already open tabs in the search in the awesome bar. If already open tabs are in fact already in the awesome bar search results, then I'm not aware of it, and need to have them made more readily distinguishable.

Firefox Showcase is said to create a display with thumbnails of the current tabs and to allow searching for them based on content. I don't need the thumbnails, I just want the search. I've tried "Find in Tabs", another Firefox extension for searching open tabs, but I'm having a problem with the text in the "Back" buttons dropdown list of previously visited sites having vanished, which I think might be caused by the Find in Tabs extension, it having happened previously while the Find in Tabs extension was installed and enabled, and vanishing when the Find in Tabs extension was uninstalled.

The missing back text might be caused by other problems, though; it's kind of hard to tell what add-on is causing a problem without uninstalling and re-installing each one, and trying assorted combinations, since they can interact with each other.

Speaking of Firefox extensions interacting with each other, there's a new Firefox extension system under development which is supposed to keep that from happening, called Jetpack. you can read about Jetpack at Jetpack sounds like it should be very good for Firefox users. I'll be testing it out, I suppose, since I seem to end up at least starting to test everything I see, at least so it seems; it is certainly true that I sign up for and start out testing so many things that I can't remember them all, much less remember which ones are currently open and what they contain.

I took a little break in the midst of the preceding paragraph, and have sort of lost my train of thought, which is perhaps the real reason I don't post more often: a tendency to meander, to lose my train of thought. This might be due to IAD, Internet Attention Deficit, coupled with the fact that writing takes so long that it's hard to write about what you were doing, or are doing, because you have to stop doing what you were doing in order to write.

So now I have to restart Firefox in order to try out the new extension. I will be pleased when Jetpack goes mainstream.

Before I go, I'll just add a note about the spellchecker currently advising me that "combinations" is not a word. If "combinations" is not a word, what then is the plural of "combination" supposed to be? Combinationi?

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Test out ScribeFire

I'm testing ScribeFire now.

I  just tried to add a video, using ScribeFire's video search control, and after adding the video, I wasn't able to add more text below the video.  This seemed less than ideal.  I will try again.

ScribeFire QuickAds

This time it worked, apparently I did something wrong, such as typing in between the video and the caption "ScribeFile QuickAds" above.

ScribeFire comes up as a window that covers half the current tab's display, which means both the editing area the part of the current web page are rather small.  It would probably be good idea to be in "full screen" mode if you want to see much of the web page. 

My screen is extra cramped vertically at the moment because I'm using the FireFox Tab Kit extension, which I have set to show up to 4 rows of tab, and I currently have 3 rows show, thus eating a fair bit of vertical space. 

I've resisted buying LCD screens, and have never used a widescreen monitor.  I can see now how a web surfing addict might want a widescreen, with a widescreen I could have the tabs displayed in a panel instead of as bars, thus allowed me to read more of the tab title, while still leaving sufficient horizonatl room to display the page itself.

ScribeFire has a video search function, though not as good as the one I just used on HelloTxt.  However, it does not have an image search function, which seems a bit odd; if you have a video search function, why not have an image search function as well? It could search Photobucket and Flickr and maybe whatever Microsoft calls it's image sharing place (is that Gallery?) 

Notifications from Friendfeed's FF Notifier are popping up at the bottom right of the screen; I'm not sure if I like that or not.  Hi Tami Weinberg, your face is popping up repeatedly.  Unfortunately it doesn't stay there long enough for me to read it. 

The FF Notifier flickers horribly when it appears on top of the Second Life screeen.  TweetDeck's popup does too, and the entire Seesmic Desktop application does.  TweetDeck's main application does not flicker when on top of Second Life, which I think shows that the problem is not universal among Adobe Air based applications that are run on top of Second Life.  I believe the AlertThing application also flickers when it's on top of Second Life.

Time to shoot this off and see if Scribefire successfully gets it posted at WordsInPosts.

So far I'll say I like ScribeFire better than the Windows Live Writer add-on, if only because ScribeFire loaded instantly, while the Windows Live Writer add-on is hampered by having to wait for Windows Live Write to load, which is a fairly long process.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Second Life tip: Prefilling "Recipient's Email:" with an address of your choice

Totally by accident I came across a web page with instructions on how to prefill the "Recipient's Address" in the Snapshot postcard dialog.

The page is titled "SnapShot Upgrades Tutorial by Talia Tokugawa", at I put in the recipient field, so my snapshot will automatically go to the "Snapzilla" Second Life screenshot site run by Cristiano Midnight.

You can put multiple addresses there by separating the addresses with semicolons. You could put multiple addresses and delete the ones you don't want.

I wonder if it is possible to put a dropdown list, but that's just an untested thought of mine.

Some email addresses are hard to remember or type accurately, which makes this is a nice find, in my view. Thanks to Talia Tokugawa for posting it.

Snapzilla, by the way, is part of Cristiano Midnight's site, which has a popular SL forum and other features in addition to Snapzilla.

Clipmarks - what's the problem?

I've installed the Clipmarks Firefox add-on, and used it to clip something from an article about Intel technology predictions. I added some comments, told Clipmarks to post it to this blog, and Clipmarks contacted Blogspot. Google required me to authorize access by Clipmarks, and I did so. Clipmarks reported a successful post.

Unfortunately there's no post showing here. My comments are now gone into the thin air. And the clip doesn't show in Clipmark's "My Clips" feature.

I don't see any place to contact Clipmark support, which is not surprising, but I also don't see a Clipmark user's forum, which is disappointing.

Trying Clipmarks was part of a search for ways to make blogging, tweeting, checking feeds, reading multiple email accounts, etc. as easy and effortless and fluid as possible, so if anyone has any ideas along those lines I'd be glad to hear them.

Hints for PDF for good results when viewing them as HTML

When you do a Google search for something and the results contain a PDF file, there's an option in the search results to view the PDF file as HTML. The results are often none too good.

Seems like it ought to be possible for the program used to design the PDF file in to allow adding hints on how to display the information as HTML, thus reducing the need to resort to using Adobe Reader or the equivalent to view the file with. This would be vaguely similar to the way that font files contain hints on how to optimize the font display on different devices.

I really hate it when I come across a pdf file in search results. People are generally not going to print most of the files, so why create them for printing instead of designing them for convenient viewing onscreen?

Can metamaterials make things look farther away?

There's stories lately of "metamaterials", material with cleverly constructed structure that can serve as lenses or make objects invisible.

I'm wondering if these metamaterials might be able to make a computer monitor screen appear to be farther away than they actually are.

If so, perhaps there's a way I could view my monitors without wearing my reading glasses.

Friday, April 10, 2009


Prototerra | ProtoTerra
I am upgrading the ProtoTerra virtual world.

It insisted on upgrading DirectX, which I just recently upgraded myself.  I'm not too pleased by that.

The ProtoTerra installation caused my JetStart program launcher to crash.

My avatar's thorax is transparent.  No shirt, no chest or stomach skin.

I'm wearing wings.  I suppose I must have put on wings when I was last here, but I don't recall doing that.

You don't seem to be able to pivot in place with the mouse.  Right button move the camera, left button makes the avatar walk.

I wish that virtual worlds would allow you to use a screen based movement system instead of an avatar relative movement system.  When your avatar is facing you, pressing the forward and arrow keys feels backwards.

As often happens  in virtual worlds I have jumped out of the area you are supposed to be in.  In this case, I have become trapped in the forbidden area and can't walk or jump my way back in.

There's list of places to go to, so I can get out of the forbidden area.

I found a meeting room with a screen for watching video.  I sat in the chair, which focused my camera on the screen, but from behind my head, so that my head was blocking my view.  I zoomed in with the mouse scroll wheel, but the view was at an angle, and I couldn't change the angle to look at the screen head on, or make the video screen larger.  I tried my left mouse button, which seemed to work, but I then realized that that had made me stand up and walk right up into the screen.

Movement is fluid, and the walking and running animations are pretty nice.

I wish I could fly, and jump higher.

There's no one here, so far as I can tell.
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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

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How to visit Help Island

I appear to be missing inventory that I know should be there. What do I do?

I bought Linden Dollars (L$) but my balance hasn't updated!

I bought Linden Dollars (L$) from the LindeX and was charged more/less than I thought I would be. Why?

I can't buy anything on the LindeX because of billing and trading limits; what do I do?

I can't find an item that used to be in my Library inventory

I can't get into the land I own.

I can't rez objects

I can't tell how much L$ I have; it just says "Loading."

I can't update my payment information.

I don't want people to use a SLURL to access my land

I don't want to do anything bad/wrong here. I just want to have fun! How can I make sure I stay out of trouble?

I followed a SLURL and it took me to the wrong place!

I forgot my password. What should I do?

I got stuck in a box or a cage or something. How do I get out?

I have a lot of lag. How can I improve performance?

I have an agreement with one or more Residents regarding real estate, group management, performance of services, division of revenue, etc., but they aren't keeping to the agreement.

I have an animation I want to use in a gesture, but it's not showing up in the Gesture window.

I just canceled my account and I'm still being charged!

I keep getting shot and thrown far away. How can I stop this?

I know I have a fast Internet connection, but Second Life seems to download items slowly. How do I make things faster?

I made a mistake in my request to process account credits (US$ to check or Paypal). How do I cancel the request?

I need to report a region being offline.

I paid for something, but didn't receive it as promised. Or: I provided something, but wasn't paid for it as promised.

I paid Linden Dollars for an item, but didn't receive it.

I paid US$ for something, but the system doesn't seem to know it yet.

I placed a bet with another Resident's gambling script, but it didn't pay out, or didn't pay out correctly, or the odds aren't right, or it doesn't follow the rules for the particular game.

I put on hair, but I want to take it off! + Video Tutorial

I rented a land parcel from another Resident (either on the Mainland or in a private region) and it's being taken back from me, even though I've paid the agreed-upon fees or rent.

I see blue, green, or red triangles coming from objects inworld that I think shouldn't be there.

I see someone wearing really cool clothes! Where, and how, can I get a great look like them?

I seem to be having trouble paying. What's going to happen to my account? Will I lose everything?

I started a group that was disbanded, so I tried to start another one with the same name, and I can't.

I want to build something with other people; how do I let them edit my objects?

I want to sell real-life items through Second Life.

I want to try Second Life! Where do I begin?

I was participating in a large group event that was disrupted violently. Now what?

I was working with an object and I seem to have lost it.

I'm experiencing issues with Intel Extreme graphics

I'm experiencing parcel encroachment. How do I get the offender to move the unwanted object?

I'm having problems while on wireless networks

I'm having problems with internet providers other than Cable or DSL

I'm having problems with more than one computer on one connection

I'm having some trouble getting the Registration API to work.

I'm having some trouble using American Express to pay for things with Linden Lab.

I'm having trouble teleporting

I'm lost. How can I tell where I am?

I'm using a dual core processor and my view jitters, especially when moving or turning

I'm wearing a box! I paid for some item(s), but all I got was a prim. What's wrong?

I've filed an abuse report, I haven't heard a thing, and the offender isn't banned -- why?

If I do not allow a friend to see my online status in Second Life, will they still be able to see it on the website?

IM to Email

Improving Region Performance

In the event of my death in real life ...

Information about Openspaces (Void Regions)

Information about the Enterprise Level Support Program (ELSP)

Information on wire transfers

Instant Messaging (IM) FAQ

Instructions for completing wire transfers

Instructions for setting up Process Credit payments through wire transfer

Intro to Textures - Video Tutorial

Introduction to Atmospheric Effects

Inventory management tips and more - Video Tutorial

Inventory management tips

Inventory: Complete recovery steps and information about perceived loss

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Is it OK to ask other Residents to take surveys?

Is it OK to log chat with a scripted object?

Is it possible for two people to order adjacent private Regions at the same time?

Is it possible to have bigger regions?

Is it possible to view transactions older than 30 days?

Is my firewall responsible for problems with Second Life?

Is there a technical reason we can't link trees?

Issue States in the Public Issue Tracker (JIRA)

Keyboard Mapping

Knowledge Base FAQ

Known Issues

Linden Communication Venues Guide

Linden Lab's Antivirus Process

Live Chat for Basic Support

Looking for Viruses in the Second Life Cache

Maturity ratings: an overview

Media on a parcel

Missing Inventory: Inventory Window

Mono information for non-scripters

Mono information for scripters

More info about Section 3.2 of the ToS and patents

More info about Section 3.3 of the ToS and your intellectual property rights

My account has been unfairly or incorrectly suspended or permanently closed by Linden Lab -- how can I appeal this decision?

My account was cancelled and I'd like to reactivate it. What should I do?

My avatar is all black!

My avatar is suddenly wearing yucky stripes/strange textures/clothes I don't actually have on/pictures from Second Life or another program! Other people can see it on me, too! How do I fix this?

My graphics card is reported as a "GDI Generic". What do I do?

My group was disbanded; can I get it back?

My password has too many stars in it!

My Paypal is ok, but it's still failing. Could it be your Monthly Maximum limit?

Navigating inside small spaces - Video Tutorial

New Policy Regarding Inworld Banks

Next-owner permissions FAQ

Norton AntiVirus and the Texture Cache

Numerical limits within the Second Life world

NVIDIA drivers appear to be causing problems with the Second Life viewer

Openspaces FAQ

Other Resources

Overview of Music in Second Life

Particle editing - Video Tutorial

Paying for Private Regions and special Paypal issues

PC and Mac shortcut key differences

Policy on Resident-Run L$ Financial Services and Securities

Policy Regarding Wagering in Second Life

Preferences Window Guide

Preventing common billing problems

Private Region (Island) FAQ

Private Region (Island) Transfer Process

Private Region Transfer FAQ

Private Region Types

Projects and Components in the Public Issue Tracker (JIRA)

Protected Land FAQ

Protecting yourself from fraud and about the Risk API

Public Issue Tracker (JIRA) Overview

Quality Assurance

Refer-A-Friend Program

Release Keys

riskapi risk api

Safeguarding your account and protecting your password

Saving Outfits

Search FAQ

Second Life and multiple monitors

Second Life Billing Policies

Second Life Blogs

Second Life crashes on 3800 and 4800 series ATI cards when using ATI Catalyst 8.8

Second Life fails to load and displays an error regarding DINPUT8.DLL

Second Life Forum General Guidelines

Second Life gives me an error message about being "Unable to find a valid certificate" or "Unable to establish a secure connection to the login server."

Second Life gives me an error message about components missing from the display panel (vbo check box).

Second Life gives me an error message about mangled network data. What does this mean?

Second Life gives me an error message about my Intel motherboard chipset drivers. What should I do?

Second Life gives me an error message about my motherboard or AGP drivers being out of date.

Second Life gives me an error message that says "Verifying Protocol Version," or "Cannot resolve domain name," or "Cannot find server"

Second Life IP addresses firewall configuration

Second Life Last Names FAQ

Second Life Preview Grid FAQ

Second Life says it can't run full screen, a specific resolution, or 32-bit color.

Second Life says it needs to update, but when I launch the auto-update utility, it doesn't work.

Second Life says my AGP card is running in PCI mode. Is this a problem?

Setup Fees for Land Inworld After April 24, 2008

Sharing Second Life Accounts

Shopping Safety

Shortcut Keys

Solution Provider Program membership requirements and obligations

Solutions to Common Annoyances - Video Tutorial

Some landowners seem to be charging their own tier for land in US$ through Paypal or some other system -- what's going on?

Someone claiming to be a Linden is threatening to ban my account and take my land!

Someone else has my password; I may have been the victim of fraud.

Someone in Second Life is abusing me verbally through Voice.

Someone in Second Life is distributing chat logs within Second Life or on the Second Life forums.

Someone in Second Life is doing something that makes the whole region run much more slowly than it should.

Someone in Second Life is providing information about another Resident's "real world" life.

Someone in Second Life is taking pictures, screenshots, or video of Residents without their permission, or in private areas.

Someone in Second Life who I don't like keeps Instant Messaging me and following me around. What can I do?

Someone with the last name "Tester" left some unwanted objects on my land. Who is this Resident and what's going on?

Something happened and now I'm bouncing all over the world like it's a trampoline. What do I do now?

Something that's attached to me keeps animating me and producing errors. How do I make it stop?

Sound sliders explained - Video Tutorial

Statistics Bar Guide

Stop being pushed -- sit down!

Streaming Video in Second Life

Submitting a Knowledge Base Suggestion

Support Tickets Explained

Supported file types for upload

Terms of Service Arbitration FAQ

Terms of Service

Text chat macros - Video Tutorial

The About Land window

The Environment Editor

The password retrieval email hasn't arrived. What do I do?

The Region/Estate window

The Special Island Order Form

The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 and Second Life

The words that used to come up to show me the price of something or more info about it have disappeared. How do I get it back?

Three useful "Show" options in the Tools menu - Video Tutorial

Tickets for Basic and Guest Accounts

Tickets for Billing and L$ Issues

Tickets for Feedback

Tickets for Land and Region Issues

Tickets for Technical Issues

Tips and Tricks: Better Building with Primfficiency!

Tips and Tricks: Lateral Features for Better Second Living

Tips and Tricks: Ten Tips on Creating Machinima in Second Life

Tips for Creating Heightfields and Details on Terrain RAW Files

Tips for Producing Better Search Results and Relevance

Trademark Guidelines

Typical Frame Rate Performance by Graphics Card/GPU

Under Windows Vista, my graphics card reports as a GDI Generic. Why is that?

Underage Reporting in Second Life

Unusually restrictive firewalls block teleporting

Usage Fees & U.S. Dollar Charges

Useful Items in the Pie Menu - Video Tutorial

Using the Second Life Wiki - Video Tutorial

Value Added Tax (VAT) Frequently Asked Questions

Voice Chat Privacy

Voice FAQ

Wagering Games FAQ

Welcome Area Guidelines

What are Avatar Impostors?

What are groups?

What are inworld office hours, and how can I attend them?

What are Second Life's subnets?

What are the different levels of account membership?

What are the parcel ban and access heights?

What aspect ratios does Second Life use for displaying snapshots in-world?

What do I do if I experience poor performance on a dual-core computer?

What do the numbers at the top of my viewer screen represent?

What do the two bars mean next to my L$ on the upper-right corner of the Second Life window?

What does "SLT" stand for?

What does "You are not allowed into the destination" mean?

What does the "Object Entry" option do?

What happened to First Land?

What happens to land I own in Teen Second Life when I turn 18?

What happens to land I own on the mainland if I downgrade from a Premium account to Basic?

What happens to my inventory and Linden dollars if I am permanently banned from Second Life?

What happens to my Teen Second Life account when I turn 18?

What if I don't know my security question?

What is a bot?

What is a graphics card? Will mine work with Second Life? How do I tell which one I have?

What is a group liability? - Video Tutorial

What is a group tag or title?

What is a Sculpted Prim?

What is a UUID?

What is an avatar key?

What is Avatar Rendering Cost?

What is Dazzle?

What is Linden Lab's Quality Assurance process?

What is the difference between PG and Mature land?

What is the Library?

What is the Linden Prize?

What is the Risk API?

What is traffic (formerly known as dwell)?

What's a relog?

What's a workaround?

What's Concierge service and how do I get it?

What's the difference between Estates and Private Regions?

What's the reason for the message "Not Authorized" when I try to enter my billing information?

When I log into Second Life, I receive an error message that says "Despite our best efforts, something has gone wrong..." and tells me to submit a log file to Support.

When I log into Second Life, it gets to "Connecting to Region" and stops.

When I log into Second Life, it gets to "Contacting User Server" and stops.

When I log into Second Life, it gets to "Entering Login Queue" and stops.

When I log into Second Life, it gets to "Preparing Inventory" and stops.

When I log into Second Life, it gets to "Waiting for Region Handshake" and stops.

When I log into Second Life, it gets to Precaching or Initializing World, then it crashes.

When I log into Second Life, it returns an error saying "The system is logging you out right now. Your account will not be available until..."

When I log into Second Life, it says my user name and/or password is incorrect.

When I start Second Life, the crash logger comes up briefly, then it disappears. Second Life never loads. What do I do?

Where are my chat and IM logs stored?

Where can I find economic statistics on Second Life?

Where can I find information about using Linden Lab's trademarks and logos?

Where can I get scripting help?

Where can I learn about Second Life manners & customs?

Where can I view Second Life Release Notes?

Where do I find my Second Life diagnostic logs?

Where do I find useful information to put in a request for help?

Where is my Premium account's free land? - Video Tutorial

Where's a list of Texture Tools?

Where's a list of Video Tutorials?

Who are Lindens?

Who gets my stuff in Second Life if I die in real life?

Who is the creator of an object?

Who is the owner of a group?

Who is the owner of a parcel of land?

Who is the owner of a region?

Who is the owner of an object?

Who is WorkingOnIt Linden?

Why are comments closed on some blog posts?

Why can't I log into the Second Life Forums?

Why can't I update my credit card billing?

Why did my billing agreement with PayPal fail?

Why do I look like a particle cloud? (Formerly known as: I've suddenly and unexpectedly turned into an ugly woman.)

Why do Landmarks come in two different colors?

Why do textures sometimes look messed up? - Video Tutorial

Why does a black window with text inside it open when I start Second Life?

Why does Second Life say "You cannot log into Second Life from this location"?

Why does Second Life say "Your account is not accessible until (date/time)"?

Why is my account on hold?

Why is my avatar yellow/green/some other loud color/horribly deformed?

Why is there a window with some crazy colored bars getting in my way when I start Second Life?

Why isn't email-to-IM working for me?

Why isn't the last name I want listed? I've seen other residents with a Second Life last name that I like, but I can't choose it during registration. Why?

Why was I billed an additional transaction fee?

Why was I charged $1.00 on my credit card?

Why was my group disbanded?

Xstreet and OnRez Acquisition FAQs

Xstreet Merchants and Shoppers FAQs

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