Sunday, April 26, 2009

Clipmarks - what's the problem?

I've installed the Clipmarks Firefox add-on, and used it to clip something from an article about Intel technology predictions. I added some comments, told Clipmarks to post it to this blog, and Clipmarks contacted Blogspot. Google required me to authorize access by Clipmarks, and I did so. Clipmarks reported a successful post.

Unfortunately there's no post showing here. My comments are now gone into the thin air. And the clip doesn't show in Clipmark's "My Clips" feature.

I don't see any place to contact Clipmark support, which is not surprising, but I also don't see a Clipmark user's forum, which is disappointing.

Trying Clipmarks was part of a search for ways to make blogging, tweeting, checking feeds, reading multiple email accounts, etc. as easy and effortless and fluid as possible, so if anyone has any ideas along those lines I'd be glad to hear them.

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