Friday, April 10, 2009


Prototerra | ProtoTerra
I am upgrading the ProtoTerra virtual world.

It insisted on upgrading DirectX, which I just recently upgraded myself.  I'm not too pleased by that.

The ProtoTerra installation caused my JetStart program launcher to crash.

My avatar's thorax is transparent.  No shirt, no chest or stomach skin.

I'm wearing wings.  I suppose I must have put on wings when I was last here, but I don't recall doing that.

You don't seem to be able to pivot in place with the mouse.  Right button move the camera, left button makes the avatar walk.

I wish that virtual worlds would allow you to use a screen based movement system instead of an avatar relative movement system.  When your avatar is facing you, pressing the forward and arrow keys feels backwards.

As often happens  in virtual worlds I have jumped out of the area you are supposed to be in.  In this case, I have become trapped in the forbidden area and can't walk or jump my way back in.

There's list of places to go to, so I can get out of the forbidden area.

I found a meeting room with a screen for watching video.  I sat in the chair, which focused my camera on the screen, but from behind my head, so that my head was blocking my view.  I zoomed in with the mouse scroll wheel, but the view was at an angle, and I couldn't change the angle to look at the screen head on, or make the video screen larger.  I tried my left mouse button, which seemed to work, but I then realized that that had made me stand up and walk right up into the screen.

Movement is fluid, and the walking and running animations are pretty nice.

I wish I could fly, and jump higher.

There's no one here, so far as I can tell.
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