Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Firefox Showcase Add-on

I haven't been posting a great deal, for a number of reasons, one of which might be the feeling that I should post something of note, or possessing literary merit, or containing the solution to peace in the middle east, or something of that sort.

I will now attempt to set my standards a bit lower, and post about trying the Firefox Showcase add-on.

I haven't actually tried it yet, I've just installed it, and I have to restart Firefox in order to actually test it out.

I tend to have a lot of tabs open; a whole lot. So many, in fact, that I need to be able to search through all my open tabs. I guess I'd like to include the already open tabs in the search in the awesome bar. If already open tabs are in fact already in the awesome bar search results, then I'm not aware of it, and need to have them made more readily distinguishable.

Firefox Showcase is said to create a display with thumbnails of the current tabs and to allow searching for them based on content. I don't need the thumbnails, I just want the search. I've tried "Find in Tabs", another Firefox extension for searching open tabs, but I'm having a problem with the text in the "Back" buttons dropdown list of previously visited sites having vanished, which I think might be caused by the Find in Tabs extension, it having happened previously while the Find in Tabs extension was installed and enabled, and vanishing when the Find in Tabs extension was uninstalled.

The missing back text might be caused by other problems, though; it's kind of hard to tell what add-on is causing a problem without uninstalling and re-installing each one, and trying assorted combinations, since they can interact with each other.

Speaking of Firefox extensions interacting with each other, there's a new Firefox extension system under development which is supposed to keep that from happening, called Jetpack. you can read about Jetpack at Jetpack sounds like it should be very good for Firefox users. I'll be testing it out, I suppose, since I seem to end up at least starting to test everything I see, at least so it seems; it is certainly true that I sign up for and start out testing so many things that I can't remember them all, much less remember which ones are currently open and what they contain.

I took a little break in the midst of the preceding paragraph, and have sort of lost my train of thought, which is perhaps the real reason I don't post more often: a tendency to meander, to lose my train of thought. This might be due to IAD, Internet Attention Deficit, coupled with the fact that writing takes so long that it's hard to write about what you were doing, or are doing, because you have to stop doing what you were doing in order to write.

So now I have to restart Firefox in order to try out the new extension. I will be pleased when Jetpack goes mainstream.

Before I go, I'll just add a note about the spellchecker currently advising me that "combinations" is not a word. If "combinations" is not a word, what then is the plural of "combination" supposed to be? Combinationi?

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