Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Blogger - has it changed much?

I just saw a comment that Blogger's UI hasn't had much TLC lately. What lately is is a matter of judgement, of course. I'd say that Blogger's UI has changed a lot since I started using it. It was getting better, though still not as good as

One thing  I don't like  about Blogger and Google services in general lately is the "One identity for all Google services" and merging Google service into Google+.

This post is primarily just me trying to see what the current incarnation of Blogger looks and works like. Certainly it doesn't look like a separate service from the rest of Google. I have not integrated this blog with Google+ yet.

One nice thing Blogger has that doesn't is the potential to have ads on your blog and thereby make money.  I'm bet that 99% of Blogger blogs don't make a dime but there is the potential to generate revenue with very little effort on the writer's part on the advertising, leaving the writer free to write.

I wish I liked the UI for Google + better. I loathe it's UI on my desktop Windows Firefox system so much that having other Google services integrated with it is a big hit against the other Google services.

I think fairly often of closing my Google accounts completely, but the Gmail account, despite the cruddy compose UI it has now, would be annoying to switch over to another service.

I remember using this blog before it had the ability to insert a page jump. It's changed a lot since then.