Sunday, October 18, 2015

Signmaker's nightmare. Also, former signmaker's nightmare.

Sometimes when my sleeping body wants me to wake up, it gives me a stressful dream, sometimes an all out scare you to death nightmare, sometimes a more moderate unpleasant situation. I used to work at a one day sign shop. Sometimes the wake up nightmare involves signmaking.

This morning my body woke me up with a moderate level signmaker's nightmare. An order had mentioned on a work order than the customer left a banner with us. The color and content of the banner left with us was similar to what the order was for.. So I measured the customer's banner and reproduced on just like it. The work order, however, was for a similar but different design, and we already had the logos needed, knew their fonts, and colors, and we weren't told on the work order to do anything with the customer's banner, neither to look at or clean it up. Basically, there was no reason to leave it with us.

The customer arrives, we show them the banner we'd made; it's not what they want, I'm called out to have my error pointed out, like a puppy having its nose rubbed in the carpet. I's stressed out over my easily avoidable error.

At that point of embarrassment at my incompetence and fallibility, I wake up.

It's been five years since I had my real, 20 year long signmaking job. I think it might be time for my subconscious to stop using sign themed waked up nightmares.

Still, better than the tumbling head over heels in a car, or me with scissor and other people and lots  of blood, and other similar more horrible plots of wake up nightmares my wake up system generated.

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