Sunday, October 18, 2015

Youtube: Don't play it till I click the play button.

YouTube has changed it's behavior, playing videos instantly when you click on them from a search results list, instead of showing you the page, the intro picture, description, comments if wanted, and letting you then decide to play it if you want. 

I never want the current behavior to occur.

The only time to play videos without an explicit per video authorization by clicking is if I've picked a play list and selected autoplay for playlists.

In all other cases, I don't want the video to play  till I click the play button. I want to have time to see the picture, select full screen or not, and read the descriptions and perhaps the comments before the video plays.

Not being able to do this will mean I will use YouTube much much less.

I also don't want the controls to overlay the videos. I want the controls to have a separate space, to make the controls as easy to see as possible, and I don't the videos ruined by having the controls over top of them. 

I have installed a Firefox add-on intended to address this problem, but it doesn't work well enough. It stops some playing without specific authorization but not all.  The extension is
"YouTube™ Auto Pause/Stop 0.1.0" at

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