Saturday, April 2, 2016

Esperanto - Pasporto Al La Tuta Mondo

The "Pasporto Al La Tuta Mondo", Passport To The World videos for beginning Esperanto Students, in a playlist, in numerical order.  I found the videos in a channel, but not in a playlist, and out of order, and I like things like this in order, and sometimes one searches for playlists, and than channel wouldn't in such a search.

I'm not real fond of this, but I did the Duolingo tree and don't find strengthening the skills is improving my Esperanto much. I think I need to spend more time hearing spoken Esperanto and I am extremely weak in responding. Recognizing written words, reading simmple sentences, and figuring out to how write sentences when you can cheat and look up words in Google Translate is immensely easier than understanding speech, even limited vocabularly speech, and that is much easier than pulling words up in your at a rate fast enough to have a conversation, evan a simple one, for me.

So while this video series so far isn't ideal, it doesn't seem to be helping me understand spoken Esperanto better.

If any has suggestion for good material or techniques for improving hearing and speaking other than Evildea, I'd like to know.

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